• Suicide risk
  • Depression Anxiety
  • Bipolar Schizophrenia
  • Crisis/side effects/ adverse reactions
  • Domestic violence
  • Substance abuse
  • Transgender

Each case is a single learner scenario immersive experience where the learner performs as a PMHNP in a clinical setting; interviewing, diagnosing, and treatment planning for a virtual patient.

The conversations with virtual patients that are controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) who show signs of a variety of issues the learner must identify and resolve. The virtual patients (AI) respond emotionally like actual humans and each experience is unique and adapted based on learner behavior.


Case Sequence


Review Patient History

Interview Patient

Patient responses scored, tag responses for relevance to diagnoses Interview notes dictation - review and tag notes


Review conversation, tag responses for relevance to diagnoses

Review dictation notes, review and tag notes

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DSM5 Code / Description

Treatment Plan

Select content from panels to add to Treatment Plan

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