Medical Assisting students that are studying online must arrange for and travel to the closest simulation center so that they can demonstrate clinical skills competencies.  This requirement involves expensive, complicated logistics and student access to practice is limited.  During these on-campus sessions, feedback regarding learner progress is anecdotal and subject to faculty availability.  As a result, these traditional skills lab experiences are highly stressful and students that struggle with clinical skills can’t improve appreciably with the limited access to practice time and direct feedback from the faculty.

Medical Assisting students use the inciteVR ilxCORE© Cloud-based enterprise system and their Oculus Quest 2 or Pico NEO 3 to practice and demonstrate clinical skills competencies “anytime, anywhere”.  No travel is required, availability of practice is nearly unlimited, analytics of learning outcomes provide insight for every aspect of clinical skills labs, learner performance, and learner and class skills gaps.

The Medical Assisting Clinical Skills Labs Education Enterprise is a Cloud-based solution specifically tailored for educational institutions to manage licenses, faculty assignments, class lab assignments, class enrollment, track learner progress, and an array of analytics.

Medical Assisting Clinical Skills:

Perform Handwashing Vitals - Aural Temperature Perform Suture Removal
Use PPE Vitals - Axillary Temperature Perform Skin Preparation for Minor Surgical
Sterilize Equipment Vitals - Oral Temperature Assess Peak Flow
Demonstrate CPR Vitals - Apical Pulse  Obtain Swabs for Culture
Demonstrate Eyewashing Vitals - Radial Pulse Perform ECG
Use Fire Extinguisher Vitals - Blood Pressure Perform Capillary Puncture and Hematology Testing
Administer Intradermal Injections Vitals - Respiration Perform Capillary Puncture and Glucose Testing
Administer Intramuscular Injections Vitals - Weight and Height Administer Oral Medication
Administer Subcutaneous Injections Irrigate the Ear and Instill Medication Perform Rapid Infectious Mononucleosis Test
Perform Venipuncture Irrigate the Eye and Instill Medication Perform Rapid Strep Test
Move Patient with Gait Belt Perform Pediatric Assessment (Infant) Perform Routine Urinalysis Test


Annual Licensing for Academic Institutions is available in three tiers


System Cost

System Base Seats

Per Seat Additional

Faculty Seats Included





















Academic Licensing Includes:

  • Help Desk - Learner Support
  • Faculty Training
  • License Management
  • Analytics / Reporting