Medical Assisting Clinical Skills is clinical training in an immersive health care setting that teaches you how to prepare for, setup, document, and perform 33 clinical skills procedures common to the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam.

Medical assisting students or working professionals use their Oculus Quest 2 or Pico NEO 3 to practice and demonstrate medical assisting clinical skills competencies “anytime, anywhere”. No travel is required, the availability of practice is nearly unlimited, immediate feedback, and guided, expert, and exam modes provide progress tracking and build self-efficacy.

Immersive training (VR/AI) is a paradigm shift that is already underway in healthcare, where leading research shows that learners acquire clinical skills more rapidly, with fewer errors, and retain learned skills longer through immersive learning experiences.


Medical Assisting Clinical Skills:

Perform Handwashing Vitals - Aural Temperature Perform Suture Removal
Use PPE Vitals - Axillary Temperature Perform Skin Preparation for Minor Surgical
Sterilize Equipment Vitals - Oral Temperature Assess Peak Flow
Demonstrate CPR Vitals - Apical Pulse  Obtain Swabs for Culture
Demonstrate Eyewashing Vitals - Radial Pulse Perform ECG
Use Fire Extinguisher Vitals - Blood Pressure Perform Capillary Puncture and Hematology Testing
Administer Intradermal Injections Vitals - Respiration Perform Capillary Puncture and Glucose Testing
Administer Intramuscular Injections Vitals - Weight and Height Administer Oral Medication
Administer Subcutaneous Injections Irrigate the Ear and Instill Medication Perform Rapid Infectious Mononucleosis Test
Perform Venipuncture Irrigate the Eye and Instill Medication Perform Rapid Strep Test
Move Patient with Gait Belt Perform Pediatric Assessment (Infant) Perform Routine Urinalysis Test


Research shows that students acquire skills more rapidly, with greater accuracy, and retain skills longer through immersive learning experiences. 

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