It has been encouraging to see the term Metaverse recently become more widely known.  As we have been describing since 2018 in our ILXD model, 'learners as creators' working collaboratively in a shared immersive experience is a powerful, transformational, enduring form of learning.  As they interact with 3D spaces and objects, exploring methods of interaction, design, and constructivist communication - learners working together can trascend barriers of location, access, safety, and cost to reach a level of shared understanding and learning persistence that is nothing short of remarkable.

There are now numerous collaborative platforms for immersive experiences, For the LIVE Platform at inciteVR we are using Hubs by Mozilla due to our affinity for Open Source tools, its strong collaboration feature set, and its capacity for collaboration across multiple types of devices.

The LIVE HQ for inciteVR in Hubs by Mozilla ( is accessible with a VR headset or a Web Browser.

 LIVE HQ inciteVR - Hubs by Mozilla

Using Hubs by Mozilla, faculty and learners can quickly and easily create a basic shared space.  They can create their own personalized avatars with ReadyPlayerMe or use the Hubs tools to customize Hubs avatarsInciteVR Team 4k Composite Transparent TH

They add their own 3D content, media, etc., and it includes an editor (Spoke) to create environments using buildling kits.

For institutions, Hubs Cloud is offered for AWS and DigitalOcean.  inciteVR uses Hubs Cloud on AWS for our private immersive learning spaces across all of our products (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in more information about this).