Our Cloud-based enterprise ILX solutions are affordable, effective, and available anytime, anywhere. Our legacy of developing scalable, Cloud-based, game-based learning products empowered our development of our ilxCore© Cloud-based enterprise on Amazon Web Services.


immersive learning experience Cloud-based On-demand Resource Enterprise

Learners use the ilxCore© and their mobile VR (Oculus Quest 2 or Pico NEO3) to acquire, practice, and demonstrate competencies “anytime, anywhere”. No travel is required, availability of practice is nearly unlimited, analytics of learning outcomes provide insight for every aspect of clinical skills, learner performance, and learner and class skills gaps. Faculty and support staff access the ilxCore© Cloud-based enterprise for class management, application control, headset control, learner progress monitoring, and rich analytics reporting.

Cloud-based ILX solutions erase the disadvantages of learners in remote locations who have time and place constraints.

“Immersive learning is affordable, effective, and available anytime, anywhere”

Mobile, stand-alone VR headsets (Oculus Quest 2, Pico NEO 3) are affordable and adequate for professional training. Our ilxCORE© mobile VR enterprise provides institutions and learners with ‘anywhere-anytime’ access to professional training that outperforms its traditional counterpart - with no travel costs, unlimited practice, and superior analytics to manage progress and training program performance.