Professional Edition

Intended for medical assisting students or working professionals seeking a skills refresher, the Medical Assisting Clinical Suite (Professional) is now available on Oculus AppLab!

The Medical Assisting Clinical Suite (Professional) is clinical training in an immersive health care setting that teaches you how to prepare for, setup, document, and perform 33 clinical skills procedures common to the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam.

The Medical Assisting Clinical Suite (Professional) Edition is a permanent license for medical assisting students or working professionals to use on their Oculus Quest 2 or Pico NEO 3 to practice and demonstrate medical assisting clinical skills competencies "anytime, anywhere".

The Medical Assisting Clinical Suite (Professional) Edition is available for purchase through the Oculus AppLab for $149.99

It includes 33 clinical skill procedures:

Perform HandwashingVitals - Aural TemperaturePerform Suture Removal
Use PPEVitals - Axillary TemperaturePerform Skin Preparation for Minor Surgical
Sterilize EquipmentVitals - Oral TemperatureAssess Peak Flow
Demonstrate CPRVitals - Apical Pulse Obtain Swabs for Culture
Demonstrate EyewashingVitals - Radial PulsePerform ECG
Use Fire ExtinguisherVitals - Blood PressurePerform Capillary Puncture and Testing
Administer Intradermal InjectionsVitals - RespirationAdminister Oral Medication
Administer Intramuscular InjectionsVitals - Weight and HeightPerform Rapid Infectious Mononucleosis Test
Administer Subcutaneous Injections          Irrigate the Ear and Instill MedicationPerform Rapid Infectious Mononucleosis Test
Perform VenipunctureIrrigate the Eye and Instill MedicationPerform Rapid Strep Test
Move Patient with Gait BeltPerform Pediatric Assessment (Infant)              Perform Routine Urinalysis Test

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Medical Assisting Clinical Skills Suite (Professional) on Oculus AppLab​